For the small appetite..


Creamy pumpkin soup with roasted seeds
Hokaido pumpkin, coconut milk and ginger

7,40 €

Homemade goulash soup
of beef with white bread

9,40 €

Chips Deluxe
Homemade potato wedges with truffle mayonnaise
7,90 €

Aioli, feta cheese and olives with white bread

9,90 €



hirschchen's classics...


Pork schnitzel Viennese style
with chips and cucumber salad

18,90 €

Pepper Cream Schnitzel
with chips and cucumber salad

 19,40 €

Mushroom Cream Schnitzel
with chips & cucumber salad

 19,40 €

with fried egg and fried potatoes 

 16,20 €

Rhineland Curried Sausage
with chips and coleslaw

 55,90 €

BBQ Spareribs
with chips and homemade coleslaw
 18,90 €

Grilled rump steak
with fried potatoes, braised onions and herb butter
Exclusively German beef from NRW in animal-friendly husbandry and controlled origin.

 28,90 €

Dry-Aged Bacon Cheeseburger 
Dry Aged Beef Patty from Emsland on a Sesame Brioche
with bacon, tomato, lettuce, Irish cheddar and chips

 18,40 €

Rhineland sour roast
with red cabbage and dumpling
 20,40 €

Forester's knuckle
mit Champignons, Zwiebeln, Speck und Bratkartoffeln

 20,40 €

Knuckle stew
in beer-honey sauce, spaetzle and coleslaw

 18,40 €

Chicken spaetzle pan
with cream sauce, mushrooms, tomatoes and cheese au gratin

 19,40 €

Vegetarian spaetzle pan
with cream sauce, mushrooms, tomatoes and cheese au gratin

 17,40 €

From the sea...


Fish & Chips
Hake in "Alt" beer batter and chips

 17,40 €

Rhineland herring stew
Cream herring with apple, onions and fried potatoes

 15,90 €

Penne with hake
Baby spinach, tomatoes and seasonal herbs tossed in olive oil

 16,20 €

From the garden... (All salads with bread)


Brewhouse salad
Mixed salad with house dressing, fried eggs and fried potatoes

 16,90 €

Falafel Salad
Leaf salad with falafel balls, tzatziki and feta cheese

 17,90 €

Spring Salad
House salad with fried mushrooms, roasted seeds and sprouts

15,90 €

Spring salad with chicken
House salad with fried chicken strips, mushrooms, roasted seeds and sprouts

18,40 €

Budha Bowl
Optionally with feta cheese or falafel
Couscous, avocado, cherry peas and bread garnish

17,40 €

Mediterranean potato pan
with tomatoes, olives, feta cheese and fresh herbs

15,40 €

Jacket potato with herb cream and chicken fillet strips
with a small bouquet of salad

17,40 €

Jacket potato with herb cream and fried mushrooms
with a small bouquet of salad

15,40 €

For the little rascals...


Schnitzel with fried potatoes

 8,90 €

Chicken nuggets and fries

 7,50 €

Something sweet afterwards...


with sultanas, vanilla ice cream and apple compote

8,40 €

Warm chocolate cake
with liquid centre and vanilla ice cream

7,90 €

Espresso on vanilla ice cream

5,90 €



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